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Interior Design Service


Customers receive a design portfolio in which they can use right away or to start their project in the future.




Interior Design Service is no longer only for the rich and famous!  Tare It Up!!! makes Interior Design Service an affordable product available for the average home owner who appreciates the feeling of "rich and famous" at a fraction of the cost!


Interior Design Service is personalized assistance in designing a space.  This service is ideal for customers who are renovating.  Our experienced consultants will help you determine what product is right for your space, in terms of quality, functionality, affordability and, construction fit. 

Minimalist Designs

Masterful design and modern luxury are combined in full harmony in this 5 room smart house.

What's Included?


Your Consultation Includes: 30-45 minute review of space, discussion of design goals,  identification of client style,  a recommendation for design services and price options. 


Clients are charged a $50 Consultation Fee.  The client will  receive this back in the form of a credit towards their service.

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